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Ibastek Bluetooth Speaker

The ibsatek bluetooth speaker is the perfect way to turn your home or office into a bluetooth environment. This high-quality speaker comes with a 2400mah battery that will always be ready to talk to your radio-based application or music player. The ibsatek speaker also includes a mic for voice communication and a remote control for easy operation.

bluetooth speaker

bluetooth speaker

By iBastek


Ibastek Portable Bluetooth Speaker

If you're looking for a great portable bluetooth speaker that will make your music experience on your phone or phone case even more immersive, theibastek might be just what you're looking for! This speaker is not only lightweight but also includes a built-in bluetooth 4. 2 receiver that lets you enjoy your music with up to 4 other people on the same call. Plus, there are two additional speaker options that can accommodate up to 6 people or a team of up to 12 people. this bluetooth speaker is even easier to use than its built-in receiver. Just press the top button to start the speaker and then press the top button again to link 2 or more people together with a call. The ibastek portable bluetooth speaker will then connect to the phone's built-in bluetooth and let you enjoy your music with up to 4 other people on the same call. Theibastek, you're in luck. This speaker is both lightweight and easy to use, making it perfect for any music experience.

How To Connect Ibastek Bluetooth Speaker

Connect your bluetooth speaker to your computer or phone to get the best sound quality. To do so, use the appropriate wirelessly connected speaker app. the ibastek bluetooth speaker is perfect for those who love to listening to music and/or video. This speaker is a great choice for those who are looking for a reliable and efficient speaker. The ibastek bluetooth speaker has a great features list, including an easy-to-use fm radio, a usb input for connecting to a computer, and a low-noise performance. This speaker is sure to make a statement at your events or functions. this ibastek bluetooth speaker is a high-quality and high-powered device that will never let you down. With its 24000mah battery, you can easily have enough power to rock for hours on end. This speaker is alsosafe and secure when not in use, so you can rest assured that your home is safe from eavesdroppers. the ibastek fm radio is a rechargeable wireless speaker that has your favorite radio show airtime on it. This great bluetooth speaker can't be beat the price either!