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Oontz Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker

The oontz angle 3 bluetooth speaker is perfect for anyone looking for a quality waterproof speaker. This speaker has a whole new look and feel with its bluetooth connection, alexawaterproof feature, and 10 inch listening range. With its built-in alexawaterproof feature, you can use it as a listening ear or with the speaker to hear things in difficult listening positions. The oontz angle 3 speaker has a black anodized aluminum design and is finished with a low black anodized aluminum deck.

Oontz Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speaker oontz is the perfect way to connect and share experiences with friends and family. This small, but powerful bluetooth speaker is perfect for indoor or small spaces because it has a small form factor. The oontz has a loudness level that is perfect for open spaces. The bluetooth connection is fast and reliable, making it perfect for long-distance connections. The oontz is also easy to charge, making it a great choice for daily use or for when you need an easily accessible power source.

Oontz Angle 3 New Enhanced Edition Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The oontz angle 3 plus is the latest and deepest enhanced edition portable bluetooth speaker. With its newest features, the angle 3 plus makes a great addition to any room. The angle 3 plus is also perfect for adding a touch of luxury to your atmosphere. With its latest enhanced edition design, you can now stay confident in knowing that your music is the star of the show. The angle 3 plus is a great addition to any room and is perfect for those who are looking for a complete mobile bluetooth speaker experience. the bluetooth speaker oontz is a perfect way to enjoy stereo music and voice chat with the best of the best sound. With this speaker you will be able to have your voice and conversation on the same conversation, making it perfect for busy meetings, chatting with friends or having a conversation in the office. The angle 3 ultra dual mode makes it easy to hear both left and right side of your conversation, making it perfect for multiple use. The black td1-4 model is the perfect speaker for people who want the best sound quality and to keep them visible in a room. the oontz angle 3 bluetooth portable speaker is perfect for listening to music or books. It is easy to use and has a battery life that is great for long trips. It is also great for using with your phone or tablet. if you're looking for a water resistant bluetooth speaker, then look no further than the oontz angle 3. This speaker is made with a 10 wattimates speaker life and is available in black or blue.